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FMCG Advantages


Our reporting and management software, accessible from the Internet, collects from the territory and offers real time raports and data necessary for the supervision and improvement of our customer's merchandising, promotion and sales activities.

To have the right information at the right time represents the key factor in the success or failure of a sales campaign. Our system provides complete and detailed reports that help us measure progress relative to established objectives. In addition to these reports we also offer our clients market information and data that are essential in creating the marketing mix and the right strategy and tactic for your product.

This is why we invested in IT and developing our own software solution, so that we can respond better to the needs of our clients:

  • much faster acces to field data, often real-time
  • ability to customize raports structure and format
  • direct acces to the whole reporting cycle, from the raw data until the final analysis
  • the posibility to create levels of access to the data

Flexibility & Carefree

We take on board and respond to additions or changes to ongoing projects. Our main aim is to act promptly.

Low cost, more value added

Rather than getting involved in: the selection & recruitment & of staff, hiring, training, offices rental, opt for our solution where all the infrastructure is already in place.

In-depth local knowledge

Each FMCG manager has worked within their allocated regions for several years. The local connections and knowledge aquired, combined with the sales, distribution, promotion & merchandising experience make our managerial team unbeatable and making the mantra "Think national, act local" a reality.

Reaction speed:

Depending on the processed services we can offer various raports for our activities: daily, weekly or monthly, using our own software solution.


We guarantee the highest performance and quality using an internal evaluation system for both merchandisers and promoters. We can apply changes to a running project without additional costs.

Our Team stands for Quality, Speed, Security and Technology